How to Keep Your Fire Hair Vibrant for Longer

A new trend to hit the catwalks and now the high street is fire hair, an ombré look that resembles fire in the way that it transitions from browns to reds to yellows to oranges. It's attractive and striking and will definitely make you stand out! However, vibrantly coloured hair can be tough to keep looking as colourful as it was when you first stepped out of the salon, and you don't want your fire hair looking like dying flames. So, if you're considering the look but are wondering how to keep your hair looking flaming hot and fierce for longer, read on for some tips that will help you achieve just that!

Make dry shampoo your friend

If you decide to go for flaming locks, this tip will be particularly important to help you keep your colour fresh and vibrant.  You should wash your hair no more than once a week, if possible -- twice at the most -- in order to keep the colour true. Dry shampoo will be a great help here as it will take any excess oils out of your hair, but also plan on making plaits and headscarves your friends. Washing your hair only when you really need to may be a pain at first, but your hair should quickly adjust and get used to your new routine.

Style it right

So that you end up with gorgeous, stand-out hair rather than a frizzy fireball, put the time into styling your locks to bring out the fiery tones. If you want to really show off the colour, straighten your hair, as smoothing the cuticle will really show off the cool flame effect. Alternatively, if you want to give it a softer, more diffused look, go for light waves or curls.

Go for a softer hue

The fire trend encompasses looks from intense flames to softer, warmer tones that give off the look of gentle, flickering flames. If you're worried about upkeep, going with something a little less intense may be better for you. That way, the colour won't fade as quickly as it won't be as intense and it will require fewer visits to your hairdresser for touchups.

Trust a professional

If you want to go for fire hair, whether a soft version of the trend or full on fierce flames, it's best to leave the job to a trained professional, like Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company. That way, you'll end up with no obvious lines of demarcation and a seamless transition between the various hues.